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Lair of the Ice-Worm

Captain America learns of a man frozen in a block of ice in the Arctic who Eskimos have discovered and are worshipping as a God. Could it be the answer to the fate of his former partner D-Man? Written by Mark Gruenwald with art by Ron Lim.  Read more…

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The Xenophobic Man

The U.S.Agent is sent down south to try and put an end to a serial killer who is targeting illegal immigrants who are sneaking across the border. Written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Dan Lawlis.  Read more…

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Man of Straw

The U.S.Agent tries to come to terms with the severity of his brutal actions towards his former friends Hector and Jerome, but can he live with himself when he discovers what they’ve resorted to? Written by Mark Gruenwald with Mark Bagley on art again. Read more…

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The Unremembered Past

The U.S.Agent confronts the Government after discovering his parents are dead and re-experiences that traumatic event again. Plus art by Mark Bagley again. Read more…

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Agent Provocateur

Battlestar has tracked down his former partner… but their reunion doesn’t go all too well. Plus, the return of the Power Broker and the U.S.Agent discovers some shocking truths. With art by Mark Bagley! Read more…

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Darker Than Scarlet

The Scarlet Witch has aligned hersel with Magneto and now faces off against her current team-mates, but could someone besides her father be pulling her strings? Read more…

NEWS: Fear Itself

Over at Marvel’s site, you can have a sneak peek at art from the upcoming Thunderbolts # 159 which features a certain warden making the cover! Written by Jeff Parker, Frank Tieri, Jen Van Meter & Joe Caramagna with art by Declan Shalvey, Matthew Southworth, Eric Canete and Valentine De Landro and the cover by Kev Walker.

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