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The Pacific Overlords

As they join forces with Spider-Woman, The Avengers find themselves up against a group of Japanese criminals led by Doctor Demonicus. Meanwhile, U.S.Agent receives orders from the Commission on Superhuman Activities to kill the “traitorous” Spider-Woman. Written by Roy and Dann Thomas with art from Steven Butler, Tom Morgan, Dave Ross and George Freeman.

Avengers West Coast #70-74

Avengers West Coast #74

While those jerks the Avengers gallivant off fighting against the likes of Doctor Demonicus, a certain former Avenger seems at a loss for things to do. U.S.Agent spends his time walking the San Diego coast and along the way manages to catch a carjacker.

He is then contacted by the Commission who want him to deal with a “rogue agent”; Julia Carpenter the 2nd Spider-Woman, who is fighting alongside the Avengers.

U.S.Agent receives his orders to kill Spider-Woman.

Elsewhere, Iron Man finally reveals to his team-mates that he is actually Tony Stark after trying to fool them for about a year.

Spider-Woman and Hawkeye, who hasn’t stopped flirting with her, arrive back at the Avengers compound where Hawkeye is instantly owned by the U.S.Agent who has come to do the job he was hired for. With Hawkeye out of action, it seems an easy task but the Agent can’t go through with it – having made a pact never to kill again.

The Agent realises he can't kill Spider-Woman.

At this point, Demonicus has subdued and imprisoned the other Avengers as well as having enlisted the Living Lightning to his cause. Living Lightning has a change of heart and U.S.Agent, Spider-Woman and Hawkeye arrive to save the day.

U.S.Agent battles against Demonicus' henchmen.

The Avengers are eventually freed and battle their way through to Demonicus but at the last moment discover that Demonicus has actually succeeded with his plan of making his own country (yeah, sorry for not mentioning that sooner) and as such has diplomatic immunity and the Avengers can’t touch him.

On their way back, the team line-up goes under re-structuring again. With Hank and Jan leaving and Tigra quitting the team mid-adventure, there’s 3 spots open. They… obviously… go to Spider-Woman, Living Lightning and U.S.Agent. U.S.Agent is reluctant to join at first for the way they treat him last time, however, Hank says that the U.S.Agent won’t be a reserve any longer as he has earned Hank’s former position on the team.

One of the things worth noting about these issues is in #71, Tom Morgan returns to drawing John Walker. Tom Morgan of course is the artist who first drew John Walker as the Super-Patriot way back in Captain America #323 and is also the artist who first drew the Captain costume in Captain America #337.

Also worth noting is, Marvel made no effort to hide the fact that U.S.Agent would be returning to the team as throughout this story arc, his face appeared in the top left of every cover.

Real subtle, Marvel.


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