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D-Man Gone Wild.

August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Turns out Bendis has decided to make D-Man a baddie. And gave him an awful costume redesign.

Thanks, Bendis.

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NEWS: Fear Itself

I try my hardest to keep up with the news, which is hard considering I’m still stuck trade-waiting post-Siege Thunderbolts, but it turns out in the current issue Thunderbolts #159 we get a solo John Walker story. This is the first solo story the character has had since “Choosing Sides”. The story sees Warden Walker team-up with former Thunderbolt and Iron Man baddie Ghost in the wake of Fear Itself.

“The Ghost and Mr. Walker” is a short story contained in Thunderbolts #159 and is written by Jen Van Meter & Eric Canete with art from Fabio D’Auria.

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The Pacific Overlords

As they join forces with Spider-Woman, The Avengers find themselves up against a group of Japanese criminals led by Doctor Demonicus. Meanwhile, U.S.Agent receives orders from the Commission on Superhuman Activities to kill the “traitorous” Spider-Woman. Written by Roy and Dann Thomas with art from Steven Butler, Tom Morgan, Dave Ross and George Freeman.

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For Righteousness’s Sake

It’s here. After leaving the Avengers, U.S.Agent settles a few old scores. Captain America and the Watchdogs better watch their backs. Written by Mark Gruenwald with art by Rom Lim.  Read more…

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Starting Line-Up

A change in the Avengers charter sees both team line-ups restructured… is U.S.Agent going to survive these shake-ups? Plus the Agent and Hawkeye’s rivalry comes to a head. Written by Roy and Dann Thomas, with Larry Hamas, and art by Paul Ryan.  Read more…

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NEWS: Captain America Corps.

A lettered preview of the first few pages of the upcoming miniseries can be seen over at Comic Book Resources.

The series, which sees U.S.Agent team up with a cast of other Captain Americas plucked from different parts of the timestream, debuts next week with it’s first issue of five. The series is written by Roger Stern (Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, West Coast Avengers) with art by Philippe Briones (American Son, Iron Man: Legacy) and covers by Phil Jimenez (Amazing Spider-Man, New X-Men). Get it.

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The Reaper and the Robot

Wonder Man is in for a shock when he discovers his “dead” brother, The Grim Reaper, is walking the Earth again. Meanwhile, people in the countryside are becoming robots and the an arch-enemy of the Avengers is behind it. Read more…

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