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The Pacific Overlords

As they join forces with Spider-Woman, The Avengers find themselves up against a group of Japanese criminals led by Doctor Demonicus. Meanwhile, U.S.Agent receives orders from the Commission on Superhuman Activities to kill the “traitorous” Spider-Woman. Written by Roy and Dann Thomas with art from Steven Butler, Tom Morgan, Dave Ross and George Freeman.

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For Righteousness’s Sake

It’s here. After leaving the Avengers, U.S.Agent settles a few old scores. Captain America and the Watchdogs better watch their backs. Written by Mark Gruenwald with art by Rom Lim.  Read more…

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Starting Line-Up

A change in the Avengers charter sees both team line-ups restructured… is U.S.Agent going to survive these shake-ups? Plus the Agent and Hawkeye’s rivalry comes to a head. Written by Roy and Dann Thomas, with Larry Hamas, and art by Paul Ryan.  Read more…

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The Reaper and the Robot

Wonder Man is in for a shock when he discovers his “dead” brother, The Grim Reaper, is walking the Earth again. Meanwhile, people in the countryside are becoming robots and the an arch-enemy of the Avengers is behind it. Read more…

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When Lives the Lightning

Frought with feelings of inadequacy, the Torch heads out to try and find himself and along the way perhaps a battle with Living Lightning can help him find his confidence.  Read more…

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The Terminus Factor

The original Terminus returns and the Avengers are going to have to fight through 5 different phases of Termini first. A battle so intense that all 3 Avengers teams must combine their forces to save the day.  Read more…

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No Escape

The Commission on Superhuman Activities send the U.S.Agent out to try and capture The Punisher but he may have competition when the mob have hired Paladin to kill The Punisher. Written by Gregory Wright with art by Tod Smith.  Read more…

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