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April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

John Walker as Captain America blog, yeah. Recaps/facts/things like that.

Captain America, U.S. Agent, Super-Patriot. The whole thing.


Well, I am a big Captain America fan but I think Steve Rogers is a bit TOO perfect. I find the struggles of other characters to live up to the ideals and image that Steve has upheld as Captain America far more interesting than Steve’s internal drama and quest to prove himself to himself.

Of course, we’ve had multiple people wear the mask and try to be Captain America. After Steve’s partner Bucky, John Walker perhaps is the most notable man to try and do so and has had the longest tenure. Over a year as Captain America and then two decades walking around fashioning suits based on Cap’s uniform.

John Walker is a flawed character. He is an extremely conservative man who will do anything his government tells him. He also has a bad temper. During his tenure as Captain America he had something of a breakdown and went on a murderous rampage. He eventually gave up the Captain America shield and became a new government operative; using a costume Steve Rogers wore when he was stripped of the Captain America shield. Walker became leader of the West Coast Avengers team and then was a member of Force Works. After floating around in comic book limbo for a long time, John Walker returned after the events of the Civil War.

Here I intend to recap and summarise every John Walker appearance, from Captain America # 323, all the way to his most recent appearances in Mighty Avengers and Thunderbolts.

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