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If you’re interested in reading the John Walker saga, or the stories of any of the countless other Caps, I thought I’d help compile a list of appropriate reading orders/starting points for all. I largely refer to trades/hardcovers where available, but some issues sadly have not been collected and you have to track down the individual comics.

The Legacy of Captain America TP

Let me start off by saying that this trade is perfect if you want the very basics of the many official Captain Americas. You sadly won’t get any of their full stories but included in this trade are the first adventures of Steve Rogers, William Naslund, Jeff Mace, William Burnside, Roscoe, John Walker and Bucky as Captain America.

The Captain

For most people you can simply go and pick up The Captain TP, which collects 19 issues and every issue of Captain America that features John Walker as Captain America (#332-350), as well as an issue of Iron Man (#228).

However, missing are John Walker’s first appearances as the Super-Patriot, the origin of his augmented strength and much of the set-up that leads to Steve Rogers abandoning his role as Captain America. “The Captain Prologue” as I call it (and I would one day like to see Marvel release this as a companion tp) are Captain America issues #321-331 and Daredevil #232 and 233. These issues introduce characters and themes that are developed upon in the following issues in “The Captain” TP.

Also missing from “The Captain” TP are two issues of Spectacular Spider-Man (#137 and 138) which feature John Walker as Captain America. Neither are essential to the story but are notable as the only appearance in another comic of John Walker as Captain America.

Avengers #298-300, and Avengers Annual #17, also continue on Steve Rogers’ story that is part of “The Captain” arc and one element in particular -Steve Rogers’ desire to form a new team of Avengers – plays a big part in Captain America #349.

Likewise “The Captain Aftermath” is no collected in trade format. Captain America #351-355 feature subplots that deal with the fallout of John Walker’s time as Captain America, while the main stories bare little importance to said story. In these stories we see the origin of Walker’s new identity as the U.S. Agent.

West Coast Avengers

John Walker’s time as leader of the West Coast Avengers has not being entirely collected. The Vision Quest TP and Darker Than Scarlet TP feature the character’s first few appearances in the title and issues are collected in Acts of Vengeance Omnibus HC and Avengers: Galactic Storm Bk. 1 TP and Avengers: Galactic Storm Bk. 2 TP.

So far, none of Force Works has been collected. Walker also regularly appeared in back-up stories in Captain America. Some of these stories, as well as his first limited series, are collected in the Scourge of the Underworld TP.

Limbo Years

After Force Works, U.S. Agent made sporadic appearances. Some of these collected in Maximum Security TP, Avengers: Once an Invader TP and New Invaders TP.


After the super-hero Civil War, U.S. Agent was assigned to the Canadian superhero team Omega Flight. His tenure with this team are collected in two trades Omega Flight TP and Weapon Omega TP.

Soon after that, Walker joined The Avengers! This lead to him appearing in many of the company-wide crossovers during his time on the roster. His core appearances can be found in the Mighty Avengers: Dark Reign HC orMighty Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest, Mighty Avengers: The Unspoken and Mighty Avengers: Siege TPs. His other appearances are available in Assault on New Olympus TP, Thunderbolts: Siege TP andRealm of Kings TP.

Other Recommended Reading

Captain America: Patriot TP is a great modern retelling of William Naslund and Jeff Mace’s times as Captain America and includes the original story featuring this characters as a bonus.

Captain America: Truth HC details Isaiah Bradley’s story. This has not being released in TP format!

Captain America: Nomad TP includes Roscoe’s fling with being Captain America, as well as Bob Russo and Scar’s short-lived attempts.

Captain America and The Falcon: Two Americas TP, Captain America: Disassembled TP and Captain America and The Falcon: Brothers and Keepers TP feature the entire story of the “Anti-Cap”.

Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run is fantastic and features Bucky taking over the role and frequent reappearances of William Burnside. The title is being collected in omnibuses and TP.

Fallen Son: Death of Captain America TP ties directly into Ed Brubaker’s run and features Clint Barton’s very brief time as Captain America.

The Punisher: Goin’ Out West TP includes the Punisher’s likewise brief time as Captain America.

The Iron Patriot stories are collected throughout various Marvel titles, but mostly can be found in the Dark Avengers HC and Siege TP.

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