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Return of the Hero

The original Human Torch? Iron Man? Master┬áPandemonium? This is just a list of characters but how do they all fit together? And, this story, for those who haven’t read it, is the story where the Scarlet Witch’s children are revealed to be … not real. So, looking back now, it’s quite an important story. Read more…


What If… Steve Rogers Had Refused to Give Up Being Captain America?

In the reality we know, Steve Rogers decided to give up being Captain America at the behest of the Commission on Superhuman Activities. But in this alternate universe, at the end of issue #332, when presented with the ultimatum, Steve Rogers refuses to give up being Captain America. Now we can find out the effects this would have on the entire Marvel Universe! Read more…

The Captain Part 2

The Captain faces problems when he and one of his oldest friends, Tony Stark, have a huge falling out over Stark’s Armor Wars. If that wasn’t enough, it’s Captain America vs. a certain Friendly, Neighborhood Spider-Man and someone is going to be deemed worthy years before Matt Fraction made a thing of it. Read more…

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