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The Captain Finale

The Captain forms a team of New Avengers (before Bendis made them cool!), battles the forces of the X-Men’s Inferno and Evolutionary War, and still finds time to finally go face-to-face with Captain America! Plus, a day in the life of Jarvis and D-Man is made an Avenger.

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The Captain Part 4

The new Captain America’s career may not last long now that his secret identity is out the open. And he’s not the only one who’s at risk. What about his family? Plus, The Captain’s Kooky Quartet fall apart as Steve must respond to the Commission now being aware of him operating as The Captain.

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The Captain Part 3

John Walker exposed, Viper’s masterplan, and The Captain vs. The President? All this and Diamondback in a sexy one-piece bathing suit!

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The Captain Part 1

What’s this? Captain America is FIRED? And there’s a NEW Captain America on the block? And just who is The Captain and just why does he hang around with all of the old Captain America’s closest friends?

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