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What If… Steve Rogers Had Refused to Give Up Being Captain America?

In the reality we know, Steve Rogers decided to give up being Captain America at the behest of the Commission on Superhuman Activities. But in this alternate universe, at the end of issue #332, when presented with the ultimatum, Steve Rogers refuses to give up being Captain America. Now we can find out the effects this would have on the entire Marvel Universe! Read more…


A Brief History of Nomad

Since we’re more or less finished with the initial Captain arc, I began to realise that since I’m also going to focus on Jack Monroe, it might be imperative to go over the earlier stuff concerning Jack Monroe, since we’re also going to be following his career.

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The Captain Finale

The Captain forms a team of New Avengers (before Bendis made them cool!), battles the forces of the X-Men’s Inferno and Evolutionary War, and still finds time to finally go face-to-face with Captain America! Plus, a day in the life of Jarvis and D-Man is made an Avenger.

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